Blue Frog LLC is dedicated to our client’s satisfaction. In business for 15+ years we focus on providing age old strategies in order to keep your business running smoothly. Every business has different needs with their software and applications. We focus on keeping those running by looking at your existing infrastructure, listening to you while we’re determining your needs, and then applying the age-old strategies of keeping your business network operating.
We have three primary focus areas:

  1. Availability
    • The ability to have available at all times, the necessary and appropriate data and applications in order to operate your business.
  2. Integrity
    • The assurance that your data is intact and will remain so. A common configuration that is known to threaten your data integrity is to use non-server class hard drives for storage. Just because it reads in the description that the “server” you purchased is a “server”, there’s no guarantee that your data is stored on server class storage. High capacity SATA drives are notorious for poor data integrity and they have software built right into the drive to combat this inherent design flaw.
  3. Backup & Disaster Recovery
    • These two really are the same, under the heading of backup, though many times, the setup of a backup system will stop at the point of just moving data from its useful location to another location that can be accessed in the event of an integrity violation. Call me to hear my rant about backup and current practices by professionals. In summary though, backup consists of taking an integrity checked piece of data and migrating it to a read-only media while maintaining prior versions of that data. This is where many backup setups stop. The planning and testing of the restore process is integral to any backup solution. If it’s not tested, and there’s no written plan of how to respond and recover your environment before a disaster, “backup” hasn’t been fully implemented.

If you believe one of these key areas in your network isn’t being support, you need us. We can work with your current (in-house) IT, your current Computer Guy, or, in some cases, take over if you’re looking to replace your current support provider.

We address these key areas first while working with any new client. Give us a call, we can discuss what you have in place, figure out if you are at risk within any of these areas, and discuss solutions.